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When smoked or vaped, CBD can deliver immediate relief. For us, it’s like taking a deep breath of crisp sea air, from anywhere in the world. There are so many strains to choose from and you can customise whether you would like to smoke or vape your CBD, depending on what suits you.


    • Be in control of your dose, using only how much you need.

    • Find what works for you with a variety of CBD strains to try.

    • Immediate relief for aches, pain and anxiety.

    • Manage chronic pain and symptoms brought on by a variety of ailments.


The benefits of CBD vape liquids are endless, helping with a range of issues such as aches, pains, low energy or anxiety. If you’re a chronic illness sufferer, vaping or smoking CBD has been shown to give you immediate relief and to help manage pain and relieve symptoms. Our high-quality CBD e-liquids and vape oils can be vaped as and when you need relief without any side effects.

If you prefer to smoke, CBD flower is a potent, natural strain of hemp that offers a more powerful hit of CBD than traditional oils and products, but again without any psychoactive side effects.


Here at Curated Wellness Co. we are committed to providing you with the right supplements to suit
your lifestyle, health and wellbeing needs. Find out more about CBD for sleep and CBD for sex, or check out our other specially curated CBD subscription boxes.

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All CURATED WELLNESS CO. CBD products are free of THC or in some cases only contain very small traces. You will not experience a high from using our products, just the health and wellness benefits so many are now enjoying everyday.

At Curated Wellness Co., we are not medical experts and are not licensed to make medical recommendations. All statements are our own opinions and not verified by any legal body.

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