Sex subscription box


From increasing relaxation to heightening arousal, CBD for sex is the perfect addition to the bedroom and can help improve your sex life. As well as giving your energy levels and libido a boost, CBD aids in increasing blood flow around the body, better preparing you for intimacy with your partner. CBD also has the ability to relieve pain, help you relax and feel more pleasure when climax is reached. From CBD lube and oils to small dose capsules, sex has never been so good.


  • Relax and fuel desire, with high quality, skin-friendly oils and balms.

  • Improve mood and heighten arousal, with small dose oils and capsules.

  • Ease performance anxiety and inhibitions allowing your sex drive to flourish.

  • Enhance sexual pleasure by increasing blood flow and nerve sensation.


One of the main benefits of CBD for sex is that it can soothe muscles and relax your mental state. Due to its potential for increasing blood flow around the body, CBD can help both partners with any performance issues and reduce anxiety. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can also help reduce any pain and discomfort, all the while heightening desire and enhancing sexual experiences.


Here at Curated Wellness Co. we are committed to providing you with the right supplements to suit
your lifestyle, health and wellbeing needs. Find out more about CBD for energy and CBD for women, or check out our other specially curated CBD subscription boxes.

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All CURATED WELLNESS CO. CBD products are free of THC or in some cases only contain very small traces. You will not experience a high from using our products, just the health and wellness benefits so many are now enjoying everyday.

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