Natural ways to boost your energy levels

Boosting our energy levels isn’t as simple as going to bed earlier or having an extra-strong coffee. Our energy levels are more complex than that, coming from the food we eat, the quality of sleep we get and even our happiness and wellbeing. And although caffeine and sugar can give us a quick fix when we need it, they can play havoc with our energy levels making them crash later in the day and affect our quality of sleep.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the natural ways you can boost your energy levels and ensure you get a better night’s sleep.

Get some Exercise

Whether you prefer yoga or HIIT, exercise is a brilliant way to improve your overall energy levels.

Victoria from Healthy Vix blogs about all things healthy and natural. She highly recommends exercise if you’re looking to feel more energised.

“It sounds like it wouldn’t, but doing exercise and getting the heart racing is really energising. It’s a great way to start the day to wake yourself up and to increase energy levels for the day.”

But how? Surely exercise tires you out not energises you? Well, according to Everyday Health, exercise positively contributes to your energy levels in a multitude of ways, by improving heart health, endorphin production, quality of sleep and cognitive function.

“Exercise boosts cardiovascular health, which allows you to have greater endurance throughout the day. When it’s easier to do your daily activities, you’ll have energy leftover and not feel so tired when work is done.

“Exercise also allows you to get a better night’s rest; when you get high-quality sleep, you feel more refreshed during the day. 

“Mentally, we feel more energised and ready to tackle the world after a good workout because endorphins have boosted our physical energy level.”

Not only does exercising give you a burst of energy, but regular exercise actually increases your body’s natural supply of endorphins, which will give you an energy boost overall.


CBD for energy

Eat nutrient-rich foods

You are what you eat, and if you find yourself lacking energy, ensure you’re eating plenty of nutrient-rich foods.

The NHS recommends eating a healthy balanced diet in a range of food groups to combat fatigue and ensure you aren’t deficient in any food groups. In particular, they recommend eating starchy carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread, rice, cereals and pasta, opting for wholegrain or wholemeal varieties.

It also recommends eating iron-rich foods to prevent iron deficiency and anaemia, high-fibre foods with natural sugars such as dried fruit and ensuring you consume plenty of B vitamins which can be found in dark, leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts, whole grains, dairy products and more.


CBD for energy

Use CBD products

Unlike many other over-the-counter products that promise to boost your energy levels, CBD is composed entirely of natural ingredients that have energy-improving qualities. Rather than pumping your body full of sugar or caffeine (and giving you the dreaded afternoon crash), CBD works by stimulating the production of serotonin in the brain, relieving stress, anxiety and helping you sleep better.

The other benefit of CBD is that the body absorbs cannabinoids very fast, meaning you can feel the energy-improving properties of CBD almost immediately. Unlike other natural or herbal supplements, you don’t have to be taking it for an extended period of time to feel the benefits. Our CBD subscription box for energy comes with a range of products you can try and test to see what works best for you.


CBD for energy

Spend time outdoors

Getting outside in the fresh air is a great way to boost your energy levels. Whether that’s taking the dog for a walk or spending time in your garden, the fresh outdoor air is perfect for waking you up.

“Fresh air is key,” says blogger Sam from This Is Where It Is At. “It kills off the cobwebs and clears your head to think more clearly. I know for a fact if I am in a funk, after going for a walk I feel far more motivated and energised.”

This combination of exercise, fresh air and nature are perfect for relieving stress while waking up our muscles and senses. Jo, blogger at A Rose Tinted World told us how spending some time in nature does wonders for her energy levels.

“I find that nothing energises me more than going out into the country or even around a park. And the best natural energiser is the sound of the sea for me – it always gives me an energy boost.”


CBD for energy

Get a better night’s sleep

Getting more sleep can be key in ensuring you wake feeling refreshed and energised, but more often than not, it’s the quality of sleep that’s contributing to your energy levels.

As mentioned, CBD can help you sleep better by reducing anxiety and stress which not only helps you fall asleep, but helps you to stay asleep. Because of this, CBD is thought to help people with insomnia and other sleep conditions.

Modern-day technology also means that we are constantly using our phones, laptops and TVs. “When it gets dark, your pineal gland secretes the hormone melatonin, which tells your body to get tired and go to sleep,” says the Healthline website. “Blue light, whether from the sun or a laptop, is very effective at inhibiting melatonin production — thus reducing both the quantity and quality of your sleep.”

To ensure we get a restful night’s sleep, it is recommended that we stay off our devices half an hour to an hour before we plan on going to bed. So instead of scrolling through social media in bed, winding down with a book or doing a non-vigorous activity for a better night’s sleep.

So rather than plying yourself with coffee and sugary foods to give yourself a quick energy fix, there are a variety of natural ways to gradually improve your general energy levels. To find out more about CBD for energy, get in touch with us today.