And Breathe… an Introduction to Mindfulness

Let’s think about the mind for a minute. When was the last time you felt like you had a clear head?

So often we are in a ‘doing’ mode – preoccupied with a list of goals we’ve set for ourselves, disappointed if they aren’t achieved when we want them to be. However, in order to improve our general wellbeing, we should also be focusing on the second part of that word, the ‘being’. This means feeling engaged with the present moment and our current thoughts and feelings – otherwise referred to as mindfulness.

It’s not just for the deeply spiritual or avid yogis of the world, mindfulness is quite simply a personal moment that can be exercised any time, any place, granted that it brings your awareness to the present space. However, it is well known that activities like meditation and yoga are particularly helpful for achieving mindfulness, and when we reflect on the benefits of these practices, from easing anxiety to relieving aches and pains, it’s possible that CBD can enhance your efforts even further.

Try this simple three-minute meditation exercise:

1. Put yourself in a comfortable seating position and close your eyes.

2. Notice where you usually feel tension in your body. Consciously try and let go of this tension and relax these areas.

3. Turn your attention to your breathing – focusing on the air entering your nose, down your lungs, through to your stomach, and back out again.

4. Notice the natural rise and fall of your chest and stomach.

5. Hold your focus as best as you can. If unwanted thoughts enter your mind or you find yourself distracted, aim to always return to your main focus which is your breathing.

6. Repeat this until 3 minutes are up.

Maybe the idea of sitting completely still and focusing on nothing other than your breathing sounds a little intimidating, we understand. However, CBD helps modulate our endocannabinoid system, which is directly responsible for keeping your internal systems balanced and adapted to your external environment. Taking CBD before your meditation practise will help draw your focus to where it needs to be, as those distracting feelings of stress and anxiety are calmly reduced.

The ancient exercise of yoga has many forms, designed to suit different abilities and achieve different outcomes – but, much like CBD, the physical and mental benefits are two sides of the same coin. Yoga can help with everything from flexibility and muscle strength to stress reduction and mental clarity. It is designed for all ages and fitness levels, so for beginners it’s very approachable.

Perhaps you’re interested in practising yoga for muscle recovery or for easing joint pains like arthritis. Taking CBD alongside your practice will support those sensitive areas due to its proven anti-inflammatory and relieving properties. It is there to support your body in the physically demanding postures but will also support your mind in the restorative relaxation at the end of your session, all-in-all providing you with a more enriched experience from start to finish.

You may already be practicing moments of mindfulness or perhaps you feel this is something you want to dedicate more time towards – either way, we feel CBD can help you on your journey. Understanding how your mind and body are connected will help you feel more like you – who wouldn’t want that?


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